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High-Pressure Rotating Car Wash Brush
360° Carwash Car & Window Washing High Pressure Rotating Brush & Sponge Tool
360° Carwash Car & Window Washing High Pressure Rotating Brush & Sponge Tool
High-Pressure Rotating Car Wash Brush
High-Pressure Rotating Car Wash Brush
High-Pressure Rotating Car Wash Brush

High-Pressure Rotating Car Wash Brush

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360 Carwash is the best way to make your car clean & shine This tool is a dream come true!

With 360 Carwash you will be able to wash your car in half the time without sweating. Just connect it to the hose, add your favorite shampoo, and let the spinning begins.



Automatically rotate the brush carriage without plugging in, automatic spray detergent is completed in one step. Place the detergent in the box to spray foam automatically High-pressure washing

Product Specifications:

Material: chenille brush PA66.

Color: yellow Crucible graphite mini gold furnace gold metal melting torch:


Automatic rotation by water: No electricity needed. Energy-saving and convenient, once you connect the brush to the faucet, the washing brush will rotate automatically due to high current pressure. By turning the red knob, you can control the current pressure (3 levels to choose from).

Spray power: Standard nozzle interface, can be connected with different car wash hoses which have the quick connector. Scientific handle design, it is comfortable to hold. Put the detergent into the tank and the foam will come out automatically. Wash your car, clean the floor, window cleaner, wash the blanket, etc.

Adjustable handle length: Super soft cleaning brush can clean your car very well, soft bristles, will not damage your car. Automatic three-dimensional rotating brush without electricity and works with water. Equipped with 2 extenders, you can extend the length of the handle, keeping you away from the dirty car.

Multifunctional: High-performance brush, water output from the brush hole, the higher the water pressure, the faster the brush rotates. Use water propulsion to rotate the inner brush for more effective cleaning. Inner brushes rotate to brush away dirt, angled design accommodates hard-to-reach areas. The multi-purpose brush can also be used to wash car and home windows.


1. Automatic Rotation Water Outlet, No need electricity, save time and energy, water flows into the pipe, High-pressure driving force of water to push the gear and make it work automatically.

2. Rotary Mop-style Design, the soft and plump blue chenille brush head can clean thoroughly, particularly great water-absorbing capacity, protecting the paint.

3. Micro Car Washing Machine, spray foam with putting the detergent into the box when you wash your vehicle.

4. Three hydraulic levels available. You can control this as you need so that you won't get soaked. Easy and safe to clean your car or other smooth places.

5. High-quality good design self-service car wash, easy to carry, safety and environmental protection.

6. Adjustable handle extends to the longest of 120cm.


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