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2021 Shower Head Water Saving Flow 360 Degrees Rotating With Small Fan ABS Rain High Pressure spray Nozzle Bathroom Accessories
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head Purple
Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head

Turbo Charged Spinning Shower Head

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Water pressure is really important during bath time. Unfortunately, your shower head doesn’t release enough pressure. Thankfully, the perfect bath partner is here! you can now enjoy your bath time without water problems!

Lav Drizzle - One-button Rain Shower Head

This amazing showerhead is designed with a spring-like water flow that is great for relaxation. Now you can finally take those long, steamy showers in peace since the water-saving showerhead increases the water flow - saving you money in the long run.

Lav Drizzle - One-button Rain Shower Head


      • Water-saving - Specially designed with water-saving micro-holes that save water flow.
      • Improves water purification -It naturally maintains pH balance and improves water purification.
      • Filtered -Specially designed with a polypropylene cotton filter which reduces chlorine, toxins, pesticides, bacteria, and odor in the flowing water.
      • Non-clogging holes -The water pressure will never get the shower holes clogged.
      • Boosts water pressure -Purposely built with a turbofan that boosts water flow and pressure.
      • Easy to use -It is designed with a one-button switch that allows you to use it easily
      • Detachable -This showerhead can be easily detached for better care and cleaning.
      • Relaxing -Dispenses water like a water jet that gently touches your body while showering and offers a relaxing feeling.
      • Free-spin -The shower head is rotatable for 360° and can be swung up and down. 
Lav Drizzle - One-button Rain Shower Head


    • Installation type: Hand-hold, hang
    • Shower type: Round
    • Interface standard: G1/2, 2cm diameter
    • Function: One-button switch
    • Filter Type: Polypropylene
    • Weight:240g
    • Size:245mm x 80mm
    • Material: ABS, stainless steel
    • Style: Single head
    • Feature: Water-saving
    • Unique Propeller Driven Design: Powerful jet water mode, fan turbocharged water flow, which can help you clean up the soap bubbles and hair remaining in a few seconds. It's also an excellent choice for pet showers. And all of this can be achieved with just one button.
    • High-pressure showerhead: Adopts a unique internal structure and air-in technology so that it can provide powerful water flow even at low water flow and low pressure. You will never be troubled by the low water pressure at home again. Excellent replacement for your high-pressure showerhead.
    • High-quality raw materials: High-quality ABS material and stainless steel panel, Innovative design, easy to install and clean, environmentally friendly and durable, universal 360-degree rotation.
    • Easy tool-free connection: No need to call a plumber, Easy installation, simply screw onto any standard shower hose. Can connect to any standard shower hose easily.
    • As Gift: something amazing is seen as the patterns that the showerhead is making is just truly something of artwork as the pattern that it is forming through the water to be so precise which makes it look like a work of art.


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